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Second last list for y’all. Drink it in.


1. DeAnne SmithLet’s Do This: Confession time. I have never seen DeAnne before. She is someone I have stalked on YouTube and Twitter. I think we’re even Facebook friends. I’ve had the chance to see her three times and have somehow missed out every time. FOR SHAME! She’s so funny! Her nerdy love song is a favourite of mine.

2. Lords of Luxury: Another confession. I wasn’t planning to see this show. Not because it isn’t excellent! Quite the contrary, it’s superb. It was only because I thought it was the same show as the one I saw in Perth. But it’s not. They had to go and write a brand new show didn’t they? That’s not a bad thing. The Lords are purveyors of exceptional sketch comedy, which is something I’m picky about. I’ve seen some RUBBISH sketch comedy. But the Lords of Luxury aren’t at all bin worthy. They bring all the LOLs to the yard and damn right they’s better than yours!

3. Michael WorkmanAve Loretta: This recommendation is based on all my comedians friends essentially losing their minds over how good this guy is. Other than that I have nothing to go on aside from the fact I met him the other day and he seems very nice. Oh and I suppose there all those rave reviews and the fact that his show keeps selling out. Probably good then? Yeah I reckon.

4. Genevieve Fricker Party Pooper: Again another tenuous recommendation but….I follow Genevieve Fricker on Vine and her videos make me laugh. She’s probably really funny in real life. That’s it really.

5. Liam Ryan & Timothy Clark – Balderdash!: Okay okay here’s a more informed one for you in the form of Balderdash! I saw this excellent show in it’s first incarnation at Melbourne Fringe last year. It was very, very funny. I was surprised to find out that they’re both quite new to the world of stand up. They flowed really nicely through their material and interacted with each other naturally. They’ve had 6 months to work on the show so it can be safely said it’s going to be a corker.

6. Asaf Gerchak – Is a Terrible Stage Name: I met Asaf at Festival Club the other night and he’s pretty funny. He does come highly recommended as a funny by quite a few of my friends. This is what I’m basing seeing his show on. I disagree with the title of his show. I this Asaf Gerchak is a GREAT stage name. If you do see his show though, call him Shane. He loves that.

7. Madeleine Tucker – Olympik Phever: Another one I missed at Melbourne Fringe (boo hiss!!) because it was such a success by the time I got around to seeing it, it was sold out. It even had it’s season extended. I shant miss it this time.

8. Dayne RathboneIt’s Me Dayne: And…..yet another that I’ve missed out on at a previous festival, this time Fringe World. I heard people singing his praises from his run in Perth, more from his run in Adelaide, all from people whose tastes I trust. It sounds like winner winner chicken dinner.

One last list. We’re half way through Comedy Fest so I hope you’ve seen something.

List Three is a Crowd of Exceedingly Talented People.



1. Dave Callan – The Psychology of Laughter: I really like Dave Callan. Maybe it’s because he looks like a Viking. Maybe it’s the way he says “Bogan”. Maybe it’s because of the grace and sass he embodies when he whips his hair back and forth like Beyonce. Whatever it may be, Dave is always on you can count on for a good show and killer dance moves.

2. Jack DruceUnqualified Life Coach: I’ve only seen stand up from Jack Druce once. He MCed a night at Shapiros in Perth a year or so ago and he left an impression. He was extremely likeable with a slow burn kinda style to his comedy, which may have been because he was the MC and needed to keep things going for the whole night. Not that that was a bad thing. It was wonderful. I’m excited to see him do a full show. It was sold out when I went to go see it the other day so he must be doing something right.

3. Nellie White – The One Handed Show, An Introduction to Pornography: I’ve seen this. It’s actually about porn. And it’s brilliant. I also learnt things. These are all signs of a good show. Nellie is a funny. Her jokes can be subtle but then they’ll come at you with a hard swinging punch line that slaps you in the face, which is wholly appropriate in the context of the show. Watch the trailer for it here.

4. Lords of Strut: Another top 5 show from my list at Fringe World this year, Lords of Strut are not to be missed. And you have no excuse because they are perfoming for free. Yes. You read that correctly. FREE. Famous Seamus and Seantastic are make up Ireland’s hardest working man band but they are so much more. Acrobats, clowns, comedians and all round nice guys, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Which you shouldn’t be anyway. Because it’s free. F-R-E-E. Don’t say that I never gave you anything.

5. Joel Creasey – The Drama Captain: I know nothing about Joel Creasey. I have no idea what his stand up is like. But god damn do I see a lot of love for him floating around on my Facebook. That love seems to have spread into the real world because his show keeps bloody selling out and I am yet to be successful in watching his show. It might be something to do with his 5 star reviews and all that business.

6. Lucy HopkinsLe Foulard (Art Show): Hi my name is Clara and I’m addicted to clowning (Hi Clara!). Any show that is clown based is okay with me and I feel the need to go see it. I’ve heard mixed things about Le Foulard but mostly good. Plus the need for me to inject clowning straight into my veins can only be satiated by seeing MOAR CLOWN. Ahhhhhh that’s the stuff.

7. Victoria Healy’s Anatomy: Such a good un. An unusual show about Vic Healy’s squeamishness and her quest to overcome it by learning gross information about the human body and then telling her audience all about it. She’s really natural and affable on stage and you feel like you’re just having a chat to a mate about icky baby facts. It’s a lot of fun and also educational. A refreshing combination.

8. Josh Earl – VS The Australian Women’s Weekly Childrens Birthday Cake Book and is a Librarian: I have to go to one of his shows at some point because the Sugar Blue girls lost their minds over the Princess Fairy Kitten and the Glitter Horse Stickers tote bags at Fringe World and I have to go buy four of them otherwise I’m going to be in a lot of trouble. I’ve been getting text messages about it. Both his shows were huge hits in Perth the last two years. I believe the whole run of Josh Earl is a Librarian was sold out. That’s because it’s great. I saw it on opening night and it was good, clean, hilarious musical comedy fun. The photos of his childhood costumes are incredible. I still get “Creepy Guy” stuck in my head on a regular basis. Then I sing it and do a little dance.

List 4 tomorrow! I hope went out to see something over Easter. Nothing like laughing to burn off those chocolate eggs and bunnies. That’s science.



P.S. The Moulin Beige is pretty great.

All the Funnies For You Part 2

Round two just for you! Yes. I rhyme now.


1. John RobertsonThe Dark Room and Kinkling: John Robertson is a little bit like being hit in the face with a really funny elbow. In a good way. He’s probably one of my favourite comedians in zee world at the at the moment. I watched his show The Dark Room in Edinburgh and it’s really fantastic, especially if you like video games and being yelled at by a floating head. I most recently saw him do a spot at Tomás Ford’s Late Night Cabaret where he basically spent 10 minutes preparing the crowd to throw the said Mr Ford into them. And he did. It was magic. Crazy, crazy magic. One does recommend. If you want to lose a few hours of your life trying to get out of The Dark Room, you can play it here on the YouTube (although I believe he uses a different map for the live show so don’t think you’re being a smarty pants by practising. You will still lose. And then be mocked). He also made an excellent guide to the Comedy Festival.

2. Iliza Shlesinger: I’m basing this recommendation solely on a spot I saw her do at Festival Club on opening night. But she KILLED. She made a lot of goat noises and talked about flat bread and this pleased me. I saw her the next day buying cupcakes in Fitzroy so she clearly has excellent taste. I suspect her whole show will be equally as excellent. One hopes.

3. Geraldine QuinnStranger: I perused Geraldine’s show, You’re the Voice, at Fringe World this year. It was insightful, personal and downright funny. I had so much fun! The set of pipes on this woman borders on sinful. She has an incredible voice. Stranger is a new show (I think……maybe it’s not. I might be wrong. It’s been known to happen on a regular basis.) but if it’s half as good as You’re the Voice, Comedy Festival goers are in for a real treat. THE BEST!!

4. Jason ChatfieldStand Up Comic Strip Live: I’ve been following Jason on twitter for a few years now and judging by how funny he is in 144 characters or less, this show is going to be a corker. He’s sketching AND playing music AND doing stand up at the same time. Triple threat right there people. He drew my suggestion of a fancy otter in one of his promo videos and it’s great! Look at how great it is! LOOK AT IT!!!!

5. John BennettFire in the Meth Lab: like Geraldine, I saw Jon’s previous show (Pretending Things Are A Cock) at Fringe World. It was a favourite. Definitely in my top 5. Jon is an enigmatic and likeable story teller. I had the laughy belly hurts™ post show. I believe his new endeavor is all about his brother Tim who terrorised him as a child. I had a chat to Jon after the show and he told me a couple more stories about Tim and that only confirmed to me how great this is going to be.

6. Lisa-SkyeSongs My Parents Taught Me: Lisa-Skye is my homegirl. You can put that on a t-shirt. I met her late last year when we both had our souls crushed at clown school. Her previous show was called Ladyboner, which is really just a radical name. She has me in stitches constantly. Lord help you all when she sets her mind to being intentionally funny for an hour. You’re all in trouble. Watch the trailer for the show here. The get off YouTube and go watch the show. The funny cats will be there when you get back.

7. Kate McLennan & Wes Snelling: Standard Double – a show about characters in a hotel set in an actual hotel room. Intriguing? Yes. Awesome? Most definitely. This show was the recipient of a Moosehead this year. I know a few of the people working on this show and I can tell you a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into it. I work with Wes at Burlesque Bar and he’s one of those people you hate just a tiny little bit because he’s SO FREAKIN’ TALENTED. Don’t miss this show. Just don’t.

8. Luke McGregor My Soul Mate is Out of My League: The name of this show is my very favourite in the whole Festival. Luke has the goods to back up the fantastic title. I’ve worked with him a couple of times at Burlesque Bar and he’s a favourite. Awkward, adorkable and instantly likeable, I predict a smash hit with this show at MICF this year. He’s has already been selling out most nights already so I suggest you get in quick or miss out and wallow in sadness.

You can also see Lisa-Skye and Luke McGregor at The Moulin Beige next week. And me. And Liz Skitch. That’s pretty good isn’t it? Yes. YES!

Until time!



Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Let Me Make Up Your Mind For You

This year is my first ever Melbourne International Comedy Festival or, it you want to be cool about it like you’re in the know, MICF. Not only am I living in Melbourne while it’s on, I’m performing in it *cough* The Moulin Beige *cough*. But obviously I’m not the only person putting on a show during Comedy Fest. How weird would that be? Very is the answer but thankfully that’s not the case. There are a couple of hundred shows going on full of talented people putting their hearts and sanity on the stage for your judgement and enjoyment.

To make your life a little easier, I thought I’d recommend some tidbits to you that I’ve enjoyed/am looking forward seeing to during the festival. I’ll admit that quite a few shows I’m telling you to scurry along to involve my friends so there is a *little* bias but said friends are also super talented. So everybody wins! HUZZAH!!

Without further ado, here’s the first list:


1. Abigoliah SchamaunGirl Going to Hell: I had the pleasure of seeing Abigoliah do a couple of stand up spots at Burlesque Bar prior to the festival and I.LOVE.HER. Anyone who has such reverence for cake is okay in my book. Her show is amazing, entertaining and the night I went she almost set her herself on fire for our enjoyment. I hear she almost electrocuted herself at Adelaide Fringe. DANGER! INTRIGUE! POTENTIAL MAIMING! She is also the current winner of my own personal award for Best Joke About the Lion King – Ever.

2. Asher TreleavenBad Dandy: When I was Card Girling for Comic Strip in Edinburgh, I saw Asher perform and do the same spot for 5 nights in the row. It was still hilarious every time. Goodness knows what this man can do with a whole hour of funnies. I think I might keel over and die of laughter. It would be worth it. A truly grand way to die.

3. Daniel OldakerDandyman: Keeping it on the dandy theme, I give you Daniel Oldaker. For a long time Daniel was one of those elusive performers who I’d heard about from countless people but had never actually come across in real life. I was starting to think he was an urban Melbourne myth until I did a spot with him last week. He lives up to his well deserved reputation. I’m so excited to see this show!

4. Slutmonster and Friends: I missed this at Melbourne Fringe and I was so so mad at myself because it got rave reviews. I refuse to miss out this year. I REFUSE! I’m not entirely sure what it’s about but it stars a fuzzy pink and blue hermaphrodite creature. How can I resist? Check out the promo video for the show here.

5. Jack TandyJack Tandy Forever: This is one that I’ve actually seen and it’s good. Real good. Not at all waffly. Jack Tandy is a most excellent, charming storyteller and the show is already getting some smash hit reviews at the Festival this year. Incase you can’t tell from the title, the Jack Tandy Forever is about Jack Tandy. Lucky for you he’s an interesting fellow full of crazy tales and heartfelt stories. It’s like a punch in the funny bone and the heart at the same time. Go see it. This show is not waffly. Just incase you were thinking it might be. It’s not.

6. Anne EdmondsThe Quarter Cabbage: I love Anne Edmonds. LOVE HER. I don’t actually know her so maybe that’s weird. Sorry if that’s weird Anne, just incase you’re reading this. OH GOD I’VE MADE IT WEIRDER. Ummm anyway, Anne is a really great character comedian, John being my favourite. I believe John is making an appearance as well as three other characters in this show and I bet it’s going to be really hilarious. Not a money bet. I’m a performer. I have no money. But if I did I would bet it on this show and win.

7. Laura DavisLook Out, It’s a Trap!: Another show I’ve seen and am now telling you to see. This show was such a success at Fringe World this year that they added extra shows. She won the Best WA Comedy Award. AND she made a woman who answered her phone during the show roll out under the side of tent. These are all exemplary things that add up to an exemplary show about life and it’s potential pitfalls.

8. Josh Makinda – Arcane: Josh is a pretty funny guy. It’s a good thing he’s a comedian. I performed in a few variety shows with him over the course of Fringe World and he became a fast favourite. Endearing, clever and lighting fast with his audience interaction, I’m pretty jazzed to see him do a whole show. You should be too!

Stay tuned for list number 2 coming atcha soon!



Bringing the Tent Down

It’s always a bit exciting and nerve wracking when you realise you’ve been reviewed. No one likes being judged, let alone seeing that judgement written down for all to see. So the feeling of relief when it’s a good one is almost palpable.


The West gave the Big Top Tease a rather glowing review. My routine got a really nice little mention:

“Rounding up the show was the adorable Clara Cupcakes, whose hoop routine absolutely brought the house – well, tent – down. Featuring some rollicking 1920s music and some insane hooping abilities, including swinging eight at one time while managing to shimmy out of her clothes, she was as adept at making the crowd laugh as she was at putting together a tantalising routine.”

You can read the full review here.




Fringe Binge Part 4

Lucky last list of Fringe World recommendations but no less brilliant than any of the shows prior.


  1. Iron Man: starring frequent Sugar Blue cohort Fanny LaRue and Dosh Luckwell of Sex Poetry Booth fame, this show is installing itself in the front window of the Noodle Palace. It’s definitely different and at a fringe festival, that’s really saying something.
  2. Bird Boy: I’m quite intrigued by this play at PICA as it’s based on a true story of a Russian boy who was essential raised by birds.
  3. The Big Hoo Haa: More impro! Oddly I never saw the Perth chapter of this show (mostly because I previous found impro TERRIFYING!) but I have seen it a few times in Melbourne and it’s so fun! Improvisation at it’s finest.
  4. Drag: I am already hearing rave reviews about this on man drag show from friends so it’s for sure on my must see list.
  5. Odette Mercy’s Heartbreak Dance: The glorious Odette already has a massive following in Perth and it’s not hard to see why when she hit the stage and belts out the most glorious soul music.
  6. Laura Davis’ Look Out, It’s a Trap!: Laura is a super warm and endearing comedian and has always filled my with chuckles when I’ve seen her to stand up spots. I’m looking forward to seeing a whole show!
  7. Barry Morgan – Organ is Not a Dirty Word: I am actually yet to see a Barry Morgan show at Fringe. I always seem to miss it. But I determined that this will not be the case this year! I feel the need to see someone who is also a proficient silly face maker.
  8. Victoria Healy’s Anatomy: Another show I missed, this time at Melbourne Fringe. I heard nothing but good things so I’m excited to see what all the fuss is about.

That’s it! You have not excuse now not to get out and see something at Fringe World. Life really is better with Fringe. See you there!



Fringe Binge Part 3

Another round of truly excellent Fringe World shows to wet you whistle.


  1. Jazz Juncture present by Vivian Marlowe: If there is one thing Miss Marlow knows, aside from how to raise a perfectly arched eyebrow, it’s jazz. An extravaganza not to be missed!
  2. Trixie and Monkey – Flipping and Stripping: I saw this dynamic duo at the New York Burlesque Festival in 2010 and they blew me away. I cannot WAIT to see them again.
  3. Marcel Lucont: The funniest faux Frenchman since Peter Sellers, his shows are full of entendres of varying degrees and it’s just a down right fun time.
  4. Jon Bennett in Pretending Things Are a Cock: Why I didn’t get a chance to see this show at Edinburgh Fringe, I was privy to some of his poetry at a late night stand up show. It had me in stitches. I can’t wait to see the whole shebang.
  5. The Wau Wau Sisters Come Together: Just like Frisky and Mannish, I am yet to miss these guys at Fringe World. Boundary pushing hilarity at it’s very best.
  6. Minnie and Mona: I have seen many a Duck House production and they are always thoughtful and beautiful.
  7. See Ya Sailor Man: The Blue Room are purveyors of excellent theatre and their hosting a number of brilliant shows during Fringe and See Ya Sailor Man looks to be one of them.
  8. Pluck!:  Another production at the Blue Room which stars one of my favourite Perth actors, Brendan Ewing.

I was only going to do three lists of recommendations but I’ve decided to do a fourth because there is so much  happening I don’t want you to miss something fabulous.



Fringe Binge Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of my Fringe World recommendations.


  1. Jack Tandy in Jack Tandy Forever: One of my favourite shows at Melbourne Fringe last you, Jack Tandy’s show is honest, endearing and damn funny
  2. Ali McGregor’s Alchemy: Divalious doesn’t even begin to describe how wonderful Ali McGregor is.
  3. The Swing Revue with The Darling Buds of May: I adore dancing to these guys and you will too.
  4. Lord of Luxury: Their podcasts make me laugh out loud so I expect maximum hilarity from the Lords in real life.
  5. Meditate by Circus Carnis: Not one for those who are squeamish but if you can hack it I guarantee this show will change the way you lok at the human body and it’s limits.
  6. Frisky and Mannish: Always amazing. I’ve seen them every time they’ve been in Perth. I might be a massive Frisky and Mannish fan girl. Definitely. They are also responsible for this incredible Cabariot video which I have watched more times than I care to admit.
  7. Michael Burke in CubeHead: Another maker of the funnies. And he makes ’em good.  RECOMMEND!
  8. Shakesprovisation: Improvised Hamlet? Yes please! I’ve watched a lot of impro this year and I’m really looking forward to this one. It’s such a clever idea! One doth not protest at all.

Part Three comin’ atcha next!



Fringe Binge Part 1

So I’m at the incomparable Fringe World right now, one of the happiest places on Earth. Well for me it is. Friends, late night dancing, perfect Perth evenings and access to some of the best Fringe acts going.

This is my third year at Fringe World and there was no way I wasn’t going to come back for it. But for those of you who are new to Fringe/not as crazy about Fringe Bingeing as me, I thought I’d give you a hand with some recommendations for some truly brilliant shows. Part 1 coming atcha!


  1. Tell Mamma: The Music of Etta James presented by Stratosfunk: these guys ALWAYS put on a blisteringly good live show and I suspect this will be no different.
  2. Mickey LaMar’s Video Stars: Smart, funny, well written and interactive – pretty much everything I look for in a show.
  3. Nellie White in the One Handed Show: Nellie makes me laugh all the time in real life. Lord knows what she can do when she intentionally funny for 55 minutes.
  4. Le Gateau Chocolate: Star of La Soiree and life in general, I would watch him just to stare at his make up.
  5. The Wives of Hemingway: The shows I have seen this company do previously have always been brillant and riveting. Not to be missed.
  6. Comic Strip: Comedians and Burlesque smooshed together. I card girled and stage handed for this show at Edinburgh Fringe last year. I saw it 5 nights in a row and was equally entertained every night. The line up at Fringe World is hot as hell with Gypsy Wood, Lada Redstar and Miss Polly Rae plus the always hilarious Asher Treleaven. SLLLLLLAAAADDDDEEEE!
  7. Briefs: I dare you to leave this show without a smile on you face. I double dare you.
  8. An Audience with Tomás Ford: I also saw this show at Edinburgh Fringe. It’s a wild ride and oh so much fun. Mr Ford is a true showman and a gentleman.

Stay tuned for Part 2!



Clara Cupcakes goes to the Library